Boolean has unexpected effect on shape

I discovered this while trying to use the array function and thought that I was having a problem with that but in tracking back through my steps I discovered it was the Boolean that was causing my problem. Here are the steps:

  1. Create hexagon with a height of 33mm
  2. Create hexagon with a height of 20mm
  3. Center the two hexes and weld
  4. Create rectangle with a height of 4.5mm and a width of 3mm
  5. Center rectangle with the top edge in line with the bottom edge of the inner hex
  6. Perform a Boolean Difference to subtract the rectangle from the hex shape

At this point everything appears fine but if you measure the outer faces of the hexagon you will note that the sizes are no longer uniform. They should each be 19.05mm. But on this shape they now vary between 19.05 and 19.06.

This is not the intended behavior, is it? Did I screw up the operation somehow?

If I try to follow these steps, I do not understand what you are endeavoring to weld in step 3. :slight_smile:

Should I just be using group?

Okay, now that you ask the question I see that if I weld the rectangle to the inner hex before grouping the items I’m going to avoid the issue. Thanks.

I have no idea why I was using weld there.

Show us what you want to produce, and we may have some suggested workflows to help achieve your goal. With LightBurn, there are usually a few ways to get to where you would like to go. :slight_smile:

I’m good now. Thanks for the help. Sometimes you just need somebody to ask the right question.

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