Booleans/Weld help please

Looking for some help - I have watched the videos that deal with Boolean, weld and subtraction.
I am stuck - when I try to weld the TWO parts together the pick gets removed. What am I doing wrong?

If you select both objects and select the ‘Weld’ or ‘Boolean Union’ tool, you should get something this.


Is this the result you are looking for? You can also read more about how these features work and under what conditions they are available from the link provided below.

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Make sure the pick is actually a single closed loop, not just a collection of lines that make that shape.

How do I confirm that? Check for nodes?

To confirm, when you select the pick do you get the entire pick object on a single mouse click? Is the pick object grouped (group marque shows as a dot-dot-dash pattern)? If so, un-group to see if you can get the entire pick object on a single mouse click.

LightBurn also provides ‘Edit’→’Select open shapes’ and ‘Edit’→’Select open shapes set to fill’ to help you find these objects in your projects.

If you do find the pick is not a single closed loop, select entire pick then choose ‘Edit’→’Auto-Join selected shapes’ (Alt-J) to close.

THANK YOU!!! I will try that when I get to my computer!

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Okay so I tried it - it was not grouped. It goes from this to this when I try to weld.

When I click select open shapes it just picks up the pick but doesn’t do anything else? When I click select open shapes to fill it does nothing - I am not sure what I am going wrong but I want them to weld together to be one piece

Select the pick, and go to Edit > Auto-Join selected shapes.

What’s likely happened is you imported the pick from a DXF file, and it’s just a collection of lines that happens to look like a closed shape, but isn’t.

For example, this looks like a closed shape, but it isn’t:

It’s three closed lines. When it’s not grouped, I can select each of them individually:

This is how LightBurn “sees” this shape (notice the gaps where the lines aren’t connected):

That’s what I mean by a single, closed loop - It has to be one continuous curve, or the weld tool can’t merge the areas together.

I tried selecting the pick and choosing auto join shapes…but auto join shapes is shaded out and not an option for me to choose…

I can see where it probably needs to auto join but not sure why I can’t get it to.

Attach the LightBurn project file here and we can take a look.

Rush.lbrn (147.4 KB)

Path(s) weren’t closed.

I just opened it, selected each object individually and clicked “close path” then selected both and welded them just fine.

That’s it!!! Thank you!!!

I think I am losing my mind…It worked and then I backed out to make an alignment change and now close path is shaded out and auto join is not shaded out but won’t work either…what could I be doing wrong!!!

It’s probably still closed - does the weld work? If you only backed up (used the undo) one step, to just before you welded, it would still be the shape you closed.

No the weld does exactly what it did before and then I closed it out because it wasn’t working again

I am crazy - now auto join is working…Thank you and really I am not crazy - just still learning :slight_smile:

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