Boss 1416 Question

My Boss in 2 rooms away (no ethernet) I want to create in light burn down load to a usb. but I can’t set up the right laser (boss because its not listed). I have seen that if I select Ruida it will save in the right format - but its not listed.

That would be because you have a GCode license, used to talk to controllers like those in 3D printers or open source diode based laser engravers. You need the DSP license to talk to Ruida, Trocen, and TopWisdom controllers.

You can upgrade your key to the proper type by paying the price difference here:

Upgraded to the DSP controller - but it shows the same list of devices - I have entered the new activation code

You purchased it at 1:04am our time, so it would’ve actually been processed this morning. Try it again now and you should see the Ruida devices.

Which license key do I use?
LightBurn Software - Upgrade from GCode to DSP license

You only have one license key (and please, don’t post it in a public place like this, or other people will be able to use it).

Thanks for you assistance. The software does now show the Ruida laser and says it will save as an RD file. But when I upload it to a USB its .rd file - should I change the extension to .rld?

No. RLD is an RDWorks project file and your laser will have no idea what to do with it. RD is the file format required by the laser itself.

I have a Boss 1416 if I use the Rd file on a USB drive will the laser recognition be Ok?

Yes - That’s what I meant when I said “RD is the file format required by the laser itself.”

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