Boss 70W Rotary Image STRETCHED

I’m at a loss. Running a Boss 14x20 with Boss stock Rotary Setup (not chuck)

Per BOSS 6800 Steps per rotation
Per BOSS diameter 35mm or 1.9685 inches

Mug is 69.85mm or 2.75 inches
which auto populates 219.43mm 8.639 inches Circumference

Speed 325mm or12.79 inches/sec
Max Power: 35%
Min Power: 35%
Line Interval: 0.064mm or 0.00255inch
Lines per inch: 9960mm or 392.16

Image looks great but finished product is taking way to much effort to clean up. Appears golden brown, sort of gummy. With enough degreaser and elbow grease it cleans up nice but taking 15 minutes for each seems a bit excessive.

Maybe to high temp? Maybe too low?




Maybe start by turning down the ‘lines per inch’ 9960mm, if your beam is only 0.1mm you are trying to get almost a thousand lines in a space you can only just fit 250-260…try it around 250 and see how it goes, probably overburning and that is probably why it’s a job to clean, can always adjust it needed.
hope it works…

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Just realised your line interval.
Probably go a little less than 250mm/inch .
Cleaning should be easier :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will give it a try. Thank you for the quick response.

Just ran a Yeti at 240 lines per inch.
Came out better but now I can see lines in the engraving. Any follow up suggestions?

Try 300 lines per inch, just a matter of finding the right setting for what you’re trying to do, could also lower your line interval.
If it looks too dark then try lowering temp, too light then raise temp.
small adjustments until you get what you’re after. :+1:

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