Boss Lid Issues

I know that some Boss users have had luck with the camera feature. I’ve got two LS models, both 1420s. Neither one of them come to the same lid stop position consistently. This seems to be a result of the compression arms contact point with the left mount on both machines.

A relatively simple test I performed to note the variation was just to take a laser pointer and set it vertically in the bed, and then mark the dots location on the underside of the lid, and then close and open the lid again normally. I found that the variation, though slight, essentially equaled a cosign error with the alignment of the camera relative to the material. Which then led to inaccurate feature placements of lasering projects.

I gave up on finding a solution that made sense to me. I considered building an internal arm to get a consistent focal point, because when the feature works, it’s awesome.

Just an FYI to any BOSS users looking at the camera. Test your lids ability to come to the same resting point first, and if it does, you’ll have less headaches than I. :slight_smile:

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