Boss Not cutting through

I have a boss LS1620 70 watts.
What reasons would that not cut completely through 1/4 inch of wood?


The potential list is endless but here are some possibilites. The worst case is that there’s a fundamental hardware component failure. Primary candidates would be LPS or laser tube. If we assume that those components are good then things that could affect realized power include:

  1. mirror alignment - even small misalignments can diminish power. If alignment is bad enough to where the laser is getting clipped then that would have a dramatic effect on power
  2. damaged mirrors or lens - if there is any damage to these components then power will be diminished
  3. dirty mirrors or lens - residue from burning will collect on these surfaces and need to be cleaned
  4. focus - if you’re not properly focused you’ll have no chance of cutting through
  5. air assist - this shouldn’t be a make or break in this case but can have a dramatic effect on cut quality

Well… Alright let me get to checking these things. So I just purchased a 4in lens, in hopes that it would cut through. Do you think that would be beneficial?

Possibly but you should not be struggling with cutting 1/4" wood as it is with any lens that you have. That makes me think there’s something else fundamentally wrong.

I didn’t cover it but of course speed/power settings are critical. I was going with the assumption that you’ve adjusted for those and still can’t cut through.

If you haven’t, then I’d suggest you run a material test to identify ideal speed/power settings for cutting. It’s entirely possible that you’re simply using too low a power or too fast a speed. What is the current situation?

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This is what I use to cut thicker material. It should work for you.

The type of wood and it’s condition can also cause trouble. If it’s got a high moisture content or is a solid piece of wood or a layered product (like mdf).

My machine only runs 44W, so it has much less power than yours. I cut 6mm mdf quite a bit, with little effort… around 70% power at a relatively slow 20mm/s. That’s about 14mA of current.

If you’re cutting, set your maximum and minimum percentage power to the same value. If you run at or below the start speed set in the Ruida, you will only get minimum power.

You can examine or change the start speed in the Edit → Machine settings.

Don’t forget to backup the original settings for safekeeping. You can do this from the Machine settings.

  1. properly operating tube and lps
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. focus

If you have these three, it will work…

Good luck


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