Boss Rotary setting

I have a Boss 1416 with the Boss Rotary. All of a sudden the rotary doesn’t want to be the correct ratio’s I have done 100s of cups before and after the lightburn update. Now all of a sudden everything is coming out skinny. I changed nothing in the setting. Just woke up went to engrave a cup and bam everything was out of whack. Any ideas on how this has happened and what I can check to reset it back to where it was originally. I tried restarting the laser and the computer. Reinstalled lightburn. Went into RDworks and did the same setup originally. Nothing seems to help… I have a 3”x4” graphic on the screen and when I send it to the rotary it only goes to 1” wide when engraving… HELP… I have a bunch of cups to do and can’t run anything.

Welcome to the forum. Do you have a photo of a before and after? The only reason I say a broken or defective gear is because you mentioned you have gotten a good use out of it by processing hundreds…

It might be a broken/worn gear that is not turning to gear ratio.



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