Boss rotary stretching issues

I have a Boss 150 watt and using a Boss rotary. I am trying to engrave a tumbler with a law enforcement badge. I place the tumbler onto the rotary and I make sure its level. When the engraving is competed the image is stretched horizontally. I have flipped the rotary 180 degrees and I get the stretch vertical. The tumbler I am trying to engrave does have a slight taper from top down. Is there a setting I am missing. My settings:
Enable rotary true
Diameter 35
Y axis max speed 20. I have used 50 to speed up
the rotary slide button on the work screen is also placed on

Is there another setting for the taper of tumblers?

Also my table is 24x40. i looked at other threads. my pulse is 68000 and i tried the 61 setting instead of the 35. with the 61 its stretched vertical…

Can you post a picture of the result?

First off, “diameter 35” doesn’t tell me much without knowing what kind of rotary you have (chuck or roller). If it’s a roller, the diameter has to match the roller size. If it’s a chuck rotary, the diameter should match the size of the item you’re engraving. (at least, that’s usually the case - I’ll have to double check with Boss if that’s the case with their hybrid that does both)

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