Bosslaser Rotary Chuck settings

Using lighburn trying to dial in my boss chuck… I set up the settings in RD Works and read it in lightburn. Still looks stretched… Is this due to diameter? I set the diameter to 3.5 IN. kept the other setting as 6800… any help would be appreciated…

  • Set the diameter to any number (start with 3 in)
  • Make a mark on a piece of tape on the chuck
  • Adjust the pulses per rotation until you get exactly 1 rotation
  • Once you have pulses per rotation figured out, it never changes
  • Now you enter the diameter of whatever piece you are working on for each job
  • Done

As i did that, it came out to 20000 steps per rotation, could that be correct

The number will be whatever it takes to get 1 rotation. Everyone’s hardware is different.

Just so i am clear… I put the value in steps per rotation and click test in lightburn to = 1 full rotation. Does the diameter / circumference matter? is the 20k a constant value, not dependent on the size of what you are engraving? Apologize for the newb question.

The steps per rotation is a constant that does not change once you get it set correctly.

For each job, you will need to measure the diameter of your piece, and enter that into diameter.

Steps per rotation is affected by the motor in the rotary, the microstep setting on the motor driver, and any gear reduction between the roller and the motor. It is not affected by anything else, and once it’s correct you shouldn’t have to change it again.

Diameter will need to be adjusted, and sometimes you’ll need to enter ‘wrong’ numbers if an item is tapered, in order to get it to size correctly.

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