Bought file from etsy and it is printing on my laser on an angle. Why?

I purchased a file from Etsy and when I printed it, it printed on an angle. I contacted the seller and they said nobody else had this problem. I sent pictures and they asked if my software was up to date, it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

If the preview image appears normal, I think the problem is mechanical. Possibly the X-axis with loose belt or tightness of the timing pulley to the stepper motor shaft. :thinking:

Even if everything else is cutting fine. I just cut a design with gears and a lot of little parts and that came out perfect

Try updating your Ortur’s firmware - I’ve seen a handful of other reports of this behavior from the OLM3 with out-of-date firmware.

You can find up-to-date firmware and instructions in the link below. If you have any questions on the updating process, you’ll need to contact Ortur.

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Thanks. I will try that.

Note that this is a known firmware issue when using inches instead of mm for your units. The firmware update suggestion should resolve it. Or else switch to mm units.

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I presume that cut speed is much lower than engraving speed.
So at low speeds the problem shouldn’t appear.
But as mentioned by @berainlb, if it is a known firmware issue, go for it. :+1: I didn’t know that.

Thank you so much. I updated the firmware and all is good.


Thank you. Updated firmware and all is good.

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