Bought pattern too large for my cutting area

I bought a file for cutting some Christmas tree shapes and the pattern area is too large for my cutting space. Ie there are 4 different shapes to cut but they exceed my machine area.

How do I, or can I, separate the different sections so that I can cut them out seperatly?


When importing, all shapes will be grouped into a single object for the entire file. Ungroup to get access to individual shapes. Groups can be nested so multiple ungroups may be required to get to the most granular shapes.

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I would add to leave them grouped until AFTER you resize them all. You can move them around to have the largest part in the build area so you can see the size but resizing all together will make sure the dimensions stay the same for each part. If you understand about ungrouping, resizing and locking the ratio then you are ready to do it however you want! I just find it easier to resize all at once while I am still a noob and screw more things up than I would like to admit LOL

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