Bounds marking laser disappeared over the weekend

Over the weekend I was able to use lightburn with out 4 year old laser without any problems, and was able to engrave and mark several different items/materials. When I opened everything up yesterday (Tuesday) all of my setting were gone. I have updated to version 1.6.00, and while most things seem ok, I am unable to get my marking laser to turn on. When I search i see the same things about this the settings that people refer do not show up for me. When I hit “F1” for the live framing I can hear the servo moving, and the sound changes if I change my selection from “bounds” to “hull” to “contour” but the red framing laser is nowhere to be seen. Super strange since I used the laser for a good couple hours just a few days ago. When I go in to the “device settings” menu my first tab is “galvo and basic settings” and there is no option for “fire laser” that I can find in any menu. I do have “enable red light” turned on in the laser settings in my bottom right (where the toggles for “cut selected graphics” and “optimize cut path” are also located. It seems to be marking and engraving just fine, but without being able to see my bounds it’s much more difficult to be able to do anything efficiently.

One more thing that I just remembered, see the red laser for a split second when i turn the laser on/off, but it just blinks and then is gone.

This sounds like either your red dot port has become incorrect (somehow), but this should be fixable by restoring an old version of your LightBurn preferences, which are auto saved.

Please go to File > Load Prefs Backup

And select a recent backup from a time where everything worked correctly, and let us know how that goes.

Wow, you guys are wizards! That did exactly what I needed it to. Thanks so much!!

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