Bout ready to throw my laser off the roof LU1-4 5.5 watt ortur

The 2 air assist nozzles i 3d printed are giving me major fits. I am looking to find the best nozzle for the LU1-4 ortur.

here are the 2 i have. The angled one misses the lines on certain paths, and the straight down one has way to many leaks.

last week i was able to cut 6mm ply wood from ace hardware with 600mm/min 90% and about 10 passes. Now all of a sudden its taking 30-40 passes on the same settings. the focus is good too.

please post an stl of nozzles you have used and really like. My pump is a 40L/min and has about a 6mm or 7mm OD hose that came with it.

i noticed its when it cuts along the y axis, the angled nozzle doesnt get much air in the kirf, but along hte x it does and sparks fly out.

See if this is of any use to you. I designed this a while back when nothing available quite did what I want. It’s a hurried design that I meant to iterate but never got around to it. I suspect you may have similar air leak issues that you’re having but I suspect that could be remedied with a gasket of some sort.

I barely remember anything about this but 2 points. It assumes you have some sort of screw that you can use to secure the nozzle against the lens barrel and will take a 6mm OD tube very snugly. The important thing is going to be that the laser beam shoots straight down through the nozzle opening. If it does not you’re going to lose power. Try to get concentricity nailed down. Drill out the opening if you need more space.

I’ve included an STL file as well as the original FreeCAD file if you want to modify it. I believe the original design was done in version 0.20.1.

OLM2 Air Nozzle.FCStd.txt (338.5 KB)
OLM2 Air Nozzle.stl.txt (1.6 MB)


im going to print this now and see if it helps. Its been driving me crazy. I just want an air assist that works haha.

it should not tkae me 12 passes at 300mm/min and 90% to cut 6mm ply

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