Boxes, can these be done using LB software

Hi all and excuse me if this has been asked before. Can LB make boxes with finger joints, I cant find anything within the toolset that does this? I know there are sites such as etc which could do this. But some times its not best set out etc. Would this be a possibility for the future or is this something that would be overly complicated for the software?
Many thanks for any replies.


LightBurn does not provide this tooling as you are thinking. You can draw these by hand, using the line tool to start, but we do not provide a “box maker” tool at this point. You could search our Suggestion Site, to see if this request is already there, and vote it up. If you don’t fine something similar there, you can create a new request so others can vote for it. :slight_smile:

Do you mean to ask if LB has an automatic box generator? To that question is no. There is no tool specific to building boxes. However, there’s nothing keeping you from designing a box with the existing tools in LightBurn. You’d have to just layout the design appropriately for what you need.

While doing this yourself would require some more upfront design work it could be more flexible if you have specific needs.

There’s a bunch of ‘box generators’ out there.

I use the DXF format, it defaults to SVG…

Good luck


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