Braille Dots with a Laser..... Crazy!

Been working on a invention for the last 3 years and I believe I’ve got it. Let me know what you think guys.



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This is very cool!
I never had any use for braille myself… but I can imagine the countless ways to use this product though.

But… what does the laser do?
The beads cure in the air… and I fail to see what the laser does.

It is very interesting congratulations on that. But, because the market for this product is so specific, I think a total solution, with frame and stepper motors and a small controller, would be more appropriate solution. The cost is less than for a “large” laser machine.
I wish you good luck with the development.

Brilliant! So simple too.

On the other hand, companies that already do acrylic signage with lasers, particularly those doing things like door signs using two-layer plastics, could augment their offerings with this to gain business.

Of course, signs and craftsmen in the sign industry probably have a laser in their toolbox in advance. I have thought more in the direction of home use for families with blind or severely visually impaired family members, here you will be able to use the invention as a kind of “dymo” / labelmaker. I’m excited about how it develops.