Break after 30 minutes of work .. wait 5 minutes then continue?

my laser should not work longer than 30 minutes … now I want to cut a box that needs 5 cuts so that it is cut … (time provided for this 99 minutes)

How can I build a 5 minute break between the layers so that they can continue at the same place … or how is a break built into the work so that the laser cools down?

Apart from solving this workaround, do you mind me asking why you do not upgrade your cooling capacity? What is the reason it needs to cool?

hi … did not know that it works;) I have a cooler and another fan attached … the laser is cold now … but I thought the laser always needs a break …

in itself I wanted to be on the safe side … and so I wanted to take breaks after 30 minutes

The laser would only need a break if your cooler’s cooling capacity is not sufficient for the amount of heat the tube produces and/or the ambient temperature is too hot such that the cooler is not able to cool the heated water coming back from the laser tube.

It depends on which cooler you have, but most coolers trigger an alarm when its water temperature is getting too hot. You could then use this alarm to pause (stop) the laser.

Edit: I am not aware of a software solution as in built in to Lightburn, but a possible electrical solution would be to use a timer OFF relay connected to the status output of your controller (if it has any) or maybe even a push button and then using a normally open output of the timer off connected to the water protection input of the controller. The way this works is that the trigger (Q) of the timer will stay high for 30 minutes and then switch to low, triggering the controller. When pressing the button or using the status output of the controller, the timer gets reset and will let the laser continue for another 30 minutes.

thank you for the information … but I’m still in its infancy;) and work without water cooling …

this is my laser: LA03-5500 5500mW 445nm Blue Laser Module w / Heat Sink for EleksMaker DIY Engraver Machine
and now everything is ready I can click on start but the laser should not work more than 30 minutes … so I have two more coolers and a fan attached … do you think that works well? 90 minutes ?

You’re talking about a DSP controller - Marek has a diode laser, which is air cooled with a fan and heatsink.

Sorry guys. I must have read over this with multiple lightburn forum tabs open. Sorry if I wasted your time, but it might still help someone in the future.

Regarding your laser you might even get a bit more out of a premium high power fan like the Noctua ones. Nowadays I use them on everything that needs a fan. The industrial ones operate on high RPM with high airflow. Might help?

but putting a break between the leyer would be a nice option for lightburn

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