Break in a layer

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible, put a layer so that the engraving pauses and be able to manually turn on the air assistance

Not exactly, but you could add a Line layer, set it to 0.1% power (basically nothing, so the laser doesn’t actually burn anything), and set the speed to 1 mm/sec.

However long you make the line is how long the laser will “pause” for. A 20 mm line would pause for 20 seconds, with the laser head moving very slowly.

Thank you very much for your answer, it could be a solution, but still you have to be aware of the machine, I come from the world of embroidery Wilcom program, in embroidery you have to enter the sequence of colors of the design (basically like the Lightburn layers ) the colors are numerical (they represent the position of the thread spool in the embroidery machine), well if you repeat a number (for example 1,4,4,3) the machine automatically pauses when it reaches 2nd 4.
Well, I know that the problem comes from Ortur, which does not have air assistance integrated, but I imagine that there are many machines that do not have it either.
Personally, I like to engrave without air assistance and cut with it.
Another solution could be to have the option to put a sound when it reaches a layer