Breaking a line and picking the other Node

After breaking a node, how do I switch which node gets selected. When I selected a node to move it away from the other, a lot of times the wrong node is getting selected. I don’t want to move the node position of the one I want to keep. Is there a way to toggle between twos that were generated from the break?

After you have created the break, press ‘Esc’ key twice,

then (A) select the line or curve connected to the node you want to move

and (B) re-open the Edit Nodes tool (Ctrl + `).

At this point you can only pick the correct node.

Note: The order of A & B can be reversed.

No, but you can add one or two nodes on either side of your breakpoint and delete the original node itself. I zoom in, a lot, and get a distance of a few hundredths of a millimeter. The distance here in my example cannot be measured with LightBurn’s internal measuring tool because it is too small.

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