Breaks in file seemingly where transverse moves are

New to LightBurn. I purchased this file from the big blue laser. I’ve opened every available file and have sent it to a friend with LightBurn. On her end the file opens and previews without the breaks. However for me, as seen in the picture, almost every single shape has a break in a corner. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling LightBurn. Deleted and downloaded the file again. No matter what I do it continues to have the breaks. Do I have something toggled in a setting causing this? I looked at optimization settings and nothing changed. Anyone have any ideas?
For reference I have a new HP AIO computer. Not sure if this makes a difference.

You very likely have tabs enabled in the Line layer settings.

Double click the Line layer in your Cuts/Layers list, then make sure this switch is off (red):


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