Bridging revisited

I’ve seen reference to the bridging (tabs) feature available in the other program(s). One suggested method involves using perforation settings, but that’s not always a practical answer. I cut most of my material with perforation settings at minimal dimensions, which makes it impossible to use it for bridges.

I’ve read the sequence of boolean tab creation which works great when there’s an inner and outer:
Image1 Image2 Image3

Three boxes, select a pair, boolean subtract and all is good.

Two boxes converted to paths.

Insert a pair of points to match the intersection of the box used to measure the bridging distance.

Delete the bridge line, delete the bridge measuring box.

Is there an easier method to get a single line with a gap, in selected locations?

There isn’t at the present time, no. What I want to do is create an “exclusion layer” (or a bridge layer) where you would draw shapes, and anything that fell in those areas would be omitted from cutting, or possibly run at a lower power. This is planned, but not started yet.

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that sounds somewhat like the other post involving excluding objects from cutting, but much more complex! It was only yesterday that I managed to figure out the node editing sequence to give me the bridges I required. It works well enough to hold me over.

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