Brown burn and no burn only (greyscale)

Seems like all I can get is Brown and White with grey scale my second day with the laser
Photo edited in LB (hd photo phone makes it look horrible)
I tried burning a greyscale i found on here and all i produced was deep brown cut where black should be and over half of it not burned at all.

5.5 diode laser sainsmart
Power 60%
Min power 7%
Speed 900 mm/m
250 DPI

Which version of GRBL, and are you using “laser mode”? ($32=1) If not, grayscale will be impossible because the controller will pause constantly.

What kind of wood?

Grbl 1.1f

I would suggest going faster (try 1800 mm/min) and increasing the power to 80% or so, which might help. Grayscale is harder to dial in, dithering will give you better shading with less effort.

Grayscale will take some tuning to find parameters that work. I recommend starting with a simple gradient and running small samples with different settings to see what gives you the best results, then move up to pictures.

I started that last night on a paint stirstick. With no luck but ill give your settings a try!!

What should min power be set to?

For a diode, 0 to 2%, likely. Different woods react differently to lasers, so the settings you arrive at for a paint stick will work perfectly on more paint sticks, and little else. :slight_smile: Test with the wood you plan to use. Basswood and alder work really well, as does maple. Birch is decent, and cheap.

Thank you tons! I bought your camera too. You guys have great support and sure i could go on Amazon and order something cheap but bc of your support i want to support you! Thank you again!