Bug? 1.4.05 and 1.7.00

Following this topic, in my speed tests I went to test larger movements, with the same file I’ve been using for a few days, I duplicated the shapes and moved them to the end of the bed, and BAM the laser turned on, the layer had power. Undo repeated but I couldn’t replicate, a GLITCH? I think there must be a problem in cleaning values from memory, some stay resident, because when the operation is not as expected, closing and opening Lightburn everything is “normal”.

I still have to tinker with the options, but using a CUSTOM GCODE profile:

    1. Changing the Fast Whitspace Scan values or turning them off doesn’t affect the (non-cut)speed.
    1. Turning Return to Finish Position on doesn’t work, although if it’s on, if I set User End Script to a different position, it wraps up the movements.