Bug in Offset Function

as soon as I change the distance in the offset function everything is shown in black until the style is changed.

Fixed, will be in the next update.

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Really great work, what you do here.
For the future, the function of a ruler would be interesting for dimensions. You probably already have this on the wish list.
Continue as before …

There is already a ruler - the pen / line tool (and it was designed for this).

If you start a line at one point, and drag it to another, the status bar at the bottom shows a bunch of stats about the line being drawn, like this:

There are three things to notice in the above image:

  1. LightBurn snaps the line to existing points, object centers, or line midpoints (you can see this now because the cursor changes).

  2. There are width (dx), height (dy), and length values shown for the line in progress.

  3. The line hasn’t been ‘committed’ yet - press Esc to cancel it and you haven’t made any changes to the design.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
That’s what I need.

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