Bug: Moving Objects Cancels Print & Cut Alignment

Where are we supposed to report bugs? Nowhere seems to be set up, and no category exists for them. This is not good.

As far as the bug:

The entire point of print and cut alignment is to create a virtual correspondence between the vectors and the laser bed. If the vector objects stay in the same relation to each other, they are still aligned on the bed.

If I have aligned objects and they are ready for print and cut, then I moved all of the objects 1 inch on the Y axis, NOTHING HAS CHANGED FOR PRINT AND CUT.

Print and cut should not be disabled, and the user should not be forced to realign.

A bug report should deal with a reproducible error, preferably experienced on several machines and by several users.
I do not experience what you refer to as a program bug on my systems.
LightBurn 1.3.0, Mac OS, Linux Ubuntu, CO2 Ruida

If you feel it more right you can always send messages directly to LightBurn’s service address, but typically a bug report will be collected by the right people here.

I included everything needed to reproduce.

Set up 2 print and cut points, align print and cut; Lightburn shows that print and cut is ready. Now select everything in Lightburn and move it. Lightburn no longer shows print and cut is ready. Nothing has changed because everything was moved. Lightburn should still show print and cut is ready. The only time this should not be the case is if an individual object that is part of alignment moved.

Maybe when you tried to reproduce it you did not move the alignment points with everything else.

If I’m reading this correctly you’re saying that the entire design including the target markers are being moved. The target alignment is done in absolute coordinates. If you move the target markers that invalidates the previously done alignment.

Are you suggesting that since the relative position hasn’t changed that it should preserve alignment? While I could see that being theoretically possible you’re changing the conditions for the original design of the tool.

In fact, if you take your idea further, you’d expect to be able to move the targets in any arbitrary direction and have LightBurn track the necessary rotation and scale to accommodate since it has the two target markers as a reference.

I can’t say for certain but I suspect this is working as designed.

You have it backwards. The position in absolute coordinates is interpreted based on the alignment markers. It is not until the alignment markers are set that any position exists, and it is set in relation to the markers. That is literally their one and only role.

Yes, since relative position has not changed, nothing has changed. There is no absolute position in Lightburn, only the virtual bed that has been mapped onto the physical bed using the alignment markers. The alignment markers are primary, not the bed.

Your feature proposal is the intuitive expectation I have as a mac user, but not what I expect as far as a bug report.

If your suggestion is that the absolute position starts from the physical bed and is then mapped onto the markers, that also resolves proper behavior to my conclusion. The point is that Lightburn handles the projective mapping, not the physical absolute coordinates. It takes the ability of the laser to use absolute coordinates as a pre-requisite to say “ok laser is here, that’s these markers”. The markers should refer to the same absolute coordinates until they are set to other coordinates. No matter what.

If something is done that would invalidate the relation between the markers (ie one is moved but not the other), THEN that marker (only) should be invalidated.

So no developers find this worthy of attention?

Indicative of how the software works… it has features, but no one cares how they work for the user.

I’d suggest putting in a feature request if this is important to you. Others can upvote to show support for the feature.

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