Bug or a feature? Licensed version reverted to trial version then wouldn't run

Had a big job to do/deliver today.

I’ve got the first part cutting when I notice the time on the laptop I’m using isn’t correct. The battery in the laptop is dead so it doesn’t keep time. I changed the time to the correct time.

Once the first part had finished cutting lightburn became unresponsive. I closed it and opened it again. The prompt window for the, “start trial version” or “enter key code” came up. So I re-entered my key code for lightburn.

Then I had a Lightburn dialogue box come up saying I’d tampered with the date/time and it wasn’t going to work.

This is obviously a feature to prevent people from rolling the date backwards so they can use the trial version for longer but it’s mean’t I’ve lost a day of production. Little bit frustrating as I’ve lost a day of work and I’ll be making delivery on Monday instead of today.

(The internet on the laptop decided to stop working today as well which mean’t I was unable to uninstall/reinstall Lightburn. So I’ve since spent the day formatting a desktop computer to replace the laptop so I don’t have the same issue again in the future.)

Licenses are usually timed as well, and the license system doesn’t know what I’m going to do when your license time is up, so tampering with the time presents an error as well. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best I was able to find that fit the model I wanted to use and was within my budget.

Absolutely, for the price and support you guys offer I’m still happy with the product. Thought it would be good to share with you guys if you were unaware this could happen to someone who’s purchased a license.