BUG? Ramp still calculated even when turned off

To reproduce:

Change a fill layer settings to 0.00 ramp, ramp outer edge off. Preview the layer.

Change the layer ramp to e.g. 4mm but leave ramp outer edges switched off. Preview the layer. It will calculate the ramps even though they’re switched off.

Can’t reproduce on BETA 1.2.02.

What version are you running?


I’ll create a new file (this is older) and see if it does the same

Here’s a screenRec, V.1.2.01, new file


Okay. I was able to reproduce after watching the video. Seems the key is that the layer settings must be assigned from a Material Library entry.

I cannot reproduce this from a “Default” material setting.

It seems another condition is that a sufficiently large area needs to be covered for this to trigger.

Uploading a sample file where this occurs.

ramp_triggered_bug.lbrn2 (2.9 KB)

Maybe @Rick or @LightBurn can make sense of this…

If you have specified a ramp length that isn’t zero, ramps aren’t switched off. The issue is that all of your shapes overlap, so they’re all considered “outside”, and the software doesn’t know that in advance of computing the ramp.

It’s not the library setting, or the fill area - You can draw a simple square, set a ramp length, and turn off “ramp outer edges” - it will still attempt to compute the ramp even though a single square is pretty obviously just an outer edge.

This could be made smarter, but the correct way to turn off ramps is to set the ramp length to zero. This wouldn’t qualify as a bug, but as an optimization, since you still actually have ramps enabled.

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