Bug: Raster Engraving out of bounds, causes crash

When raster engraving an item that is near the boundary of usable work space, if “Overscanning” is used, it can cause the laser head to crash, as it attempts to go out of bounds.

As i have my overscanning set to 30mm, i’ve drawn a line 30mm from the edge as a reminder not to place items too close.

Lightburn should be able to tell if the overscanning would cause a crash, and give a warning.

LightBurn already does this. Have you turned off the out-of-bounds warning in your Device Settings?


Yes i have that enabled, and i do get warnings when i try a vector cut that is out of bounds… or even if a tool layer is out of bounds.

What version of OS and LightBurn?

And checking for clarity, you get the warning for ‘Line’ mode, but no warning is presented if you change that layer to ‘Fill’?

Are you also saying you are getting this warning from objects set on a ‘Tool Layer’? Nothing should be sent from a ‘Tool Layer’, so this part is a bit confusing.

Do you have your machine size set correctly, and your origin is set to front-left? If you move the machine origin (common for CNC work) then the positions calcs won’t know you’re exceeding the bounds.


i had two layers i sent to my machine, one was “line” and the other was “fill+line”
i was cutting out a shape with a simple image on it to be raster engraved.
neither shape was out of bounds, to give a warning, but of course if i move them over the edge, then id get a warning.
but if it was just close to the edge, and the overscan option was used, the overscanning movement did not give me a warning.

when selecting multiple items, that happen to include a tool layer, or even just selecting the tool layer shape. if that tool item is out of bounds, it will give the message “one or more shapes are crossing the edge of the machine workspace and will not be sent. continue?”

yes, machine size is correct, and device origin is front-left.

I’ve looped back to this, and with the pending release (0.9.21) it seems to be correct in all cases I’ve tried. If you’re still seeing the incorrect behavior please let me know.