Bug report, aka, undocumented feature discovery

While testing an answer for another topic, I discovered that starting a blank LB file and assigning names to the layers will bring up previously named layers.

I don’t have a problem with it, but it seems like it could be an unwanted feature.

I had expected C00 for the first layer, C01 for the second, which was what appeared, but C02 in the assignment of the part to the layer generated a name from the previous project. This happened to the C03 layer, at which point my testing was completed anyway.

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Cut settings are persisted between runs of LightBurn because many people prefer to work in their design software of choice, and use the color mapping to import designs directly into the appropriate cut settings (people who do a lot of production work, for example).

I’ve been thinking it would be useful to have the option to disable this for those who find it confusing, and the next release also has a “Reset to Defaults” button in the cut settings editor to let you clear a layer to a clean slate.

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I now realize that this feature has been useful in that the power and speed setting retention has saved me a few steps in the past. Renaming a layer, if required/desired is easier than trying to recall what power settings worked for a particular layer. Good feature, after all.