Bug report: Focus test moves Z axis way more than required on Ruida 6445G

When doing a focus test with our Ruida 6445G, the laser moves Z to a presumably “neutral” position, then applies the offset moving the table down before firing the laser for the focus line. That all seems reasonable except it actually does this little reset-dance for every single line, including the digits.

So it goes:
Up > Down > Draw Line > Up > Down > Draw one line of a digit > Up > Down > Decimal Point > repeat.

It takes incredibly much longer than it should if it simply moved to a Z height and then did both the line and all the moves needed to write out the numbers before moving to the next height.

I suppose it’s possible this might be a workaround for odd controller behavior or similar but I would propose that the laser only does the focus lines in this sort of program, then draws the numbers at a single “normal” distance - since we can usually get a “good enough” focus offset by eyeballing it and we’re only running the focus test to get it spot on.

If you set ‘Optimize Z moves’ to ON (green) this will change that behavior, making a single Z move for multiple objects. We did not want to make it the standard behavior, in case someone was using hold-downs that needed to be avoided/cleared.

Fair enough. This particular setting doesn’t have a tooltip and isn’t documented at https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/DeviceSettings.md so I didn’t try to figure out what it did on my own :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’ve added tool tips for those at least, and will make a note to circle back to the docs too.

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