Bug report: New Window feature (duplicate)

This continues to be a problem. Since the forum keeps closing conversations, I need to open new ones.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 170418

This behavior may be related:
1.Open Lightburn and open an existing project.
2. Create a new window
3. In the new window, open another project file.
4. Make a change, save the file, close the window
5. Back to the original window, go to File->Recent projects.
6. Notice that the file you opened previously in the other window is not listed.

It seems that generally, Lightburn isn’t aware that it may not be the only running instance. It doesn’t have a common “recent” list of projects, regardless of how many open windows there are, and not all the recent files are remembered if you juggle windows like I do.

The point of this post is more about the dialog at the top. I’ve reported it a few times. It doesn’t always appear, but it is a frequent problem. I LOVE the “New Window” feature, but it still has some problems.

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Please test this workflow outside OneDrive. We have seen damaged files and lost data with this particular Microsoft shared / cloud storage service.

I have escalated this to the Dev channel and linked this report to your previous report.

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I agree that this would be a nice feature, but I treated this as normal because I think most other software tools work the same. If I open multiple windows of editors or programming IDEs, only one instance will update the recent files list. So I wouldn’t consider this as a bug, though it would be nice to have :slight_smile:

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