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@JohnJohn - regarding this bug report: Bugs in 'New Window' feature - #2 by JohnJohn

I get the pop-up dialog when I press “New Window” while the current project isn’t yet saved. The new window opens and then I get this dialog every time.

Screenshot 2023-08-27 140000

If I answer “Yes”, then it loads the file that I have in the first Lightburn Window - the one I haven’t saved yet. The answer here should always be “no”. The point of opening a new window is just that - open a NEW window.

If I save the project first before opening the new window, then I don’t get the dialog. I am on the 1.4.01 Windows version.

Interesting, Thank you.

I’m not seeing this behavior on my Win 10 device.

Please let me know which Operating system you’re using so we can test further.

Are you using removable, non-local, shared or cloud storage for your files? We’ve seen some inconsistent, unexpected behavior and occasional data loss for some users with novel storage choices.

If so, please switch to the local hard-drive and re-test to see if this is related to what you’re observing.

I get this as well on LB 1.4.00 Win 10. First window contains a project I haven’t saved yet (so not local or network/cloud). I always ignore it and select ‘No’.


Hope this helps.

I see this behavior on my win10 desktop. I save all my files to my TrueNAS server, to a mapped network drive. I am unsure how that would impact a file I have not yet saved, but it’s worth mention.

The first file isn’t saved anywhere yet. It is in memory, not on-disk. That said, I do save files into my local C: drive in the OneDrive synchronized folder. I don’t use a NAS or SMB shares. Like I said though, if the file is SAVED before I open the new window, the dialog does not appear - I just get the new document as expected. This only happens if the current document has changes and isn’t yet saved and then I select the New Window option. I am running Windows 11 22H2. This issue started happening on version 1.4.00 and continues with 1.4.01.

This is great. It may help us tease apart this uncommon problematic behavior we’ve been seeing.

If you’re willing to test a couple of things, there are a few settings for Load / Save Dialog in the Settings window. Click Edit (in the top row), then Settings, then the disk Icon (Left side - Lower) and the Load / Save Dialog settings are on the right.

Let me know which one LightBurn Offered by Default, and test the other two to see if this persists.

I picked up a Win 11 device with the same version of the OS so I’ll be testing this also.

Thank you for testing this and letting us know. It’s absolutely worth mentioning. I’m going to test this and report it.

@Marcus_Wakefield - are you saving the file into a directory that is non-local, removable, shared, or cloud based?

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Generally yes, I do save to a NAS. Just to clarify: this is happening before I’ve saved the file.

I don’t get the dialogue in question unless the primary instance has already saved it’s backup. This backup file is being saved to my local ‘Documents’ folder.

If I close the second instance and perform another ‘New Window’ I don’t get the dialogue.

If I launch a second instance by Shift-clicking the current instance in the taskbar I don’t get the dialogue.

Hope this helps you track down the issue.

If you need any more information just let me know.

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This is how I have the settings right now. I didn’t know these settings existed.

If I set to “use external” or “bypass…”, then I don’t have the problem. In-fact, when I switch it back to “internal”, I still don’t have the problem. It’s fixed by looking at this dialog?? I’ll keep an eye on it and see if there’s still a problem going forward.

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