Bug report section & grbl bug

Is there an area for bug reports ?? as I can not see anywhere useful on the github pages.
Maybe add a bug reporting page with sub sections for different hardware here on the site…

I have another oddity to report on the grbl settings but it may just be the way grbl is coded.

My k40 needs the limit switch setting inverted on both X & Y but in the latest builds .14 it is reporting the X asis as true and Y axis as False even tho ($5=1) invert limit switches… If i change it to true then save to device it reports sucess then if I read it back it reads it and sets it false (possibily because there is only one setting for invert limit switches in grbl but LB supports more than just grbl and other controllers may have independant axis invert settings ). I do not think it`s a problem apart from its showing the wrong info.

I know a reset is needed to make invert limit switches stick but it is just LB reporting the grbl setting wrong and it may throw a few people off ( as it did with me untill I re-read the grbl source config files to realise only 1 setting of true or false is for all axis not individual axis) Maybe grbl needs a slight update to change the invert from true/false to an invert mask like step port & direction with 7 option settings that would make it more compatable with LB.


I originally interpreted this as a mask or a setting for each limit switch, not for all of them. I’ll change this.

It would make more sense if grbl had the same idea to use mask then users could customise there endstops with a mix of optical and standard switchs instead of having to have one set or the other.

thx again Oz

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