Bug? When snapping text to path, ligatures de-render

I’m using version 1.2.04 and noticed that when I utilize a font with a ligature, the ligature shows up normally (figure 1) but when I snap that text to the path, the ligature de-renders back to its source characters (figure 2) – I’m assuming this is a bug?



I didn’t think LightBurn supported ligatures at all so I see that as a win. :wink:

On a more serious note I think @LightBurn will have to comment. I know they depend a lot on the UI widget library to provide a lot of this functionality. Maybe LightBurn is doing something with text on path that breaks the process.

The issue here is that the font handling in LightBurn is largely provided by the framework we use, and it doesn’t give direct access to ligature information.

When you type ‘Established’, the font engine recognizes the ligature and does the replacement, because it’s fed the entire string at once. When applying text to a path shape, I’m pulling individual characters out of the provided string, getting their glyphs, reorienting them, and applying that to the path, so the ligatures aren’t generated.

If you used the ‘Bend’ tool, I’d expect it to work, since that grabs a whole line of text and distorts it, instead of just rotating single characters. The only way this could with the path tool would be if we take over all font handling ourselves, which is something we plan to do, but it’s not a small task.

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