Bug with Copy/Paste a set of objects that have "Apply Path to Text" applied

Start with a new canvas… Create a text object with some characters in it, and a curved object on the canvas. Then Tools->Apply Path to Text and the text will then attach itself to that object. If you copy those two object into the clipboard, and try to paste a copy of it, the pasted copy will lose the “Apply Path to Text” link between the text and curve. The expected bahavior is for the two new objects (curve and text) to have the same “Apply Path…” settings as the original pair of objects did. The bug makes it difficult to create multiple copies of the same object for duplication across an engraving/cut.

This is a known shortcoming of text on a path, and is being worked on. Copy/Paste and Duplicate are already working correctly with the next release, and Grid/Radial array, and copy along path are being worked on.

For the moment, if you want to make many copies, select the text object and use Edit > Convert to Path first. The result won’t be a text object, but just shapes that can be copied easily.

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