Bug with lead lines and beginning of the shape

hi there, I have serious problems with using leading lines for metal cutting.
Sometimes I have to make new point for shape start, and sometimes that point doesn’t apply.

According to Leading lines - something weird with beginning of the polygon I set Kerf to 0, but the problem still persists.
klacelka.lbrn (2.1 MB)

Another problem is with optimization of the cut - when I check “remove overlapping lines”, the cut doesn’t include leading lines for segments, which this option are cutted separately. This causes “holes” from punching directly in the cutting line.

hi, so the problem no.1 is probably solved. I saved the file in the LB 0.9.16 and now it looks OK. Sorry for my fault and wasting your time.
Problem no.2 - didn’t check yet.

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