Bug with show layers and laser error

Hi Guys, just came across this bug as was deactivating licence on old computer and had errors activating on new computer (all sorted now though but was a weird incorrect time thing error)
So I had a file open with bunch of layers and did the following which I can reproduce on my second computer a well.
Untick boxes to hide most layers
Go to Help menu then choose Licence Management then press OK to close the popup window.
glitch happens and now all layers that are/were unchecked actually show even though still unchecked.
This operation unfortunately also stops any current job running after this glitch, mine is an emblaser2.
See if any of you can reproduce it as well to see if it is just isolated to me.

License Management is a bit of a “nuclear option” as windows go - If you did something like activate a trial, change your license type, etc, we have to reset the internals of LightBurn to process the change.

I can alter the license screen to make it so that if you don’t actually touch anything, it doesn’t perform this state reset when you finish - it’s not the kind of thing I honestly expected people to use when in the middle of working on a file.

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I came across it just by accident/unintentionally, and since i could recreate it on 2 diff computers thought u would just let you know.
Certainly wont be doing it again during a job. Just thought it was interesting as it displays all the layers without them being checked.
Last update was epic guys! Awesome work

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