Bug with updating graphic of Laser 1/2 enabled/disabled switch

Just updated Lightburn and now there’s a small bug. When checking the status of Laser 1 or Laser 2 enabled or disabled, the indicator button does not update until I move the mouse over it. So if, for example, I disable laser 1, then click on laser 2 and enable it, when I click back to laser 1 it now reads “enabled”, the same as I set laser 2 to. When I mouseover the enable/disable selector it updates and reads correctly that it is disabled.

It’s a small thing, but confusing. I am working just with laser 2 now and have files with lots of layers, so to check that I have all set correctly to have laser 2 enabled and laser 1 enabled I must click on the laser and then mouseover the enable/disable to see if is correct, and do this for both laser heads on every layer.

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