Bumped Material and does not cut

Newb here. During a cut, I bumped the material (didn’t realize the warping). Now this is what my cut looks like. Lens seems fine.

Any assistance as to what I should try to troubleshoot or what this could be is appreciated. I’m lost in the sauce here.

Is this from a single run/attempt? Or have you tried to cut it several times and the cutting is shifting?

Is the material fastened securely?
Is the machine shaking about during the head movement?
Diode Laser or CO2?

More details about your setup will help…

From what you’ve give us, I’d say don’t ‘bump the material’ would solve it…

What is the problem?


I was cutting and the head caught my 1/4 wood. Stopped the cut, pulled the material out, and attempted to recut with a fresh piece.

The photo is what my “cut” looks like. No shaking, no error messages. This is on a 80w OMTech with AF.

Taking a wild stab at this but I’m guessing the laser beam is no longer going directly down the center of the lens.
It’s possibly so out of alignment (due to the snagging) that the beam is on the edge of the cone and reflecting at various angles/points.

Can you fire a pulse and see what that looks like without running a file? Betting there will be multiple dots in a line of varying intensities.

  1. tube is operational
  2. optics aligned and clean
  3. focus is correct

If all these are correct, it will work. Which one are you missing?

It’s advantageous to know what operation you are doing in the photo. If it’s a scan we may evaluate the engraving differently as an image, compared to a vector.

I have a suspicion along the lines of @StevenM and you should check for vertical alignment.

From your description it sounds like your ‘collision’ could only have damaged the hardware. The Y gantry is pretty stable, but the head could have been ‘relocated’.

Especially check the m2 → m3 → lens → table path


Is the lens tube still vertical, or has it been bumped slightly to the side? Maybe check vertical alignment. You could unscrew the nozzle and see what the cut looks like then.