Burn not consistent, even with same settings?

All three tiles run with the exact settings, no changes at all.
Why are they different?

Hi Eric,

Tiles are a major pain!

Moisture content, glaze thickness, paint thickness, the slightest variation on those might cause a problem.

Honestly, yours look quite close to each other, I would be happy with that consistency!
Unless the picture is not displaying exactly what you mean to show

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Except the tile coating. As @gilaraujo mentioned this is pretty common.

The thicker the coating the less resolution and, usually, a darker result, but if it’s too thick there isn’t enough power to make it stick…

I use LBT100 and it’s the same way… but a bit easier to remove the unused coating. Don’t know if it’s functional with the diode frequency.


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Did you click on the picture? If you do that it gives a better view as to what I am talking about.

The top one was the first I ran at settings, looks great! The other two have the light area . (not a reflection)

Am I being too picky? Is this the best I can expect?

AH, I assumed they were a reflection.
Mm no not being too picky in that case, but refer to the other variables.
I haven’t run production of these for a while, but I used to bake them in a toaster for a while, just to get off all moisture
Then do 3 coats cross hatch… And BE patient, wait for fully paint cure.

Even with all that prep work consistency was… 75%


Coating layer thickness is the most difficult thing to control, and thus the most variable. Unless you are painting with an automated machine, luck is your best friend.

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