Burn partial Part again

Hey Guys,
I have sometimes the problem with 3mm plywood. Here and there are braches in the middle of 3 layers in the plywood. I laser with the Sculpfun S10 in 200mm/min and 80% Power, 1 Run ist enough.
For the branches, even 3 Passes aren’t enough.

Can I set in Lightburn, that the Laser shall only burn, maybe 4 or 5 times, this Part of 2 or 3 cm again? Not the whole Cut again and again?
Hope you know what I mean :slight_smile:

In the preview window, you can use the button at the bottom to run through the design, and stop just before what you want to cut again, and click the “Start Here” button to select what you want the laser to do.

Hi Patrick,
sounds great - then I guess, I have to stop manually, after the part was burn, right?!
I will try it.

Thank you

The first question to answer is: Has the item been moved since it was cut? If it has, you will need to use “Print and Cut” Using Print and Cut to recover a project - YouTube
If it hasn’t been moved, and the laser has stopped moving, then you can tell it where to resume in the preview windows with “Start from Here.”

If you mean to cut only a specific section of an object - that’s not possible. For example, if you drew a rectangle and only one side didn’t cut through. If you use “start from here”, you can maybe skip the first section of the rectangle, but the laser will finish the object again and do the other edges as well.

I see two solutions:

  • use laser grade plywood, this doesn’t have that much knot holes
  • always use one or two passes more than required, this will get you finished in 95% of all cases

Additional remark: don’t use such slow speeds. I recommend using at least 600mm/min for cutting and more passes. This will save you time actually and even improve the cut through knot holes (though it will not cure that problem). Here is an example image:

You can find a more in-depth explanation here: Settings guide - Diode Laser Wiki

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