Burn spots are driving me up the wall

Afternoon all,

I’m a few weeks into owning my laser and I have run into an issue I can not for the life of me solve.

Small black dots on the edges of my fills and lines.

I have searched through the forum and tried the solutions to the problems most similar to mine, to no avail… Increasing over scan, grounding the machine, etc. Though it could be that I don’t yet know the correct key words to search.

Machine is a Laser Master 2 (not pro)

If it is relevant the USB is being forwarded to my computer via Rasberry Pi.

Example of my current settings, and the burn spots these settings produce.

To give you a scale, it is a 4 inch coaster in the picture.

Thank you all in advance!

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the problem may be the image … a bad “image tracing” process
As it is only a text and a circle, I recommend doing it directly in the program, and not Trace it from an image. Lightburn has very good tools to edit the text and achieve excellent results … remember to convert the text to curves
Another option is to zoom in on the process and smooth the image where you have that garbage.

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Thanks for the tip!

I thought it might be something like that as well.

Unfortunately the image in the example is a vector image. Not only that but the same thing happens even if I’m shooting text or geometric shapes created entirely in lightburn

Right now I’m trying to test if there is an issue with the data transferring wirelessly to the board. Lost/delayed packets or something similar.

I have watched the holes burn and it always seems to happen right after a short pause, maybe a second long if even that. I have no idea what is causing these pauses. They always happen on the edge of an area that is being burned. Sometimes when the laser is leaving that area sometimes when it is entering it.

I would try changing the scan angle to 180. This will prove if this is a machine fault ie belts or roller problem. Cant be the file if it happens on more than one image.


Does it happen if you connect directly to the PC, not using the RPi in between?


Thank you for your responses,

Though I have not tested it plugged directly into the PC I did test moving the whole setup into the living room and plugging the RPi directly into the network and that seems to have helped. unfortunately, neither the living room nor PC are practical locations to run the machine.

Any tips on ways to address the issue without figuring out how to run an ethernet cable to the garage?

Oz, I read a comment you made about clicking Start Vs Send though I don’t seem to have a Send bottom. Is that because I am looking in the wrong place or not something my machine supports?
(Ortur later maser 2)

Ron, I will test changing the angle as well.

Can you upload the file please?


GuitarCoasters.lbrn (1.3 MB)

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The send button is right next to the start button on the laser

Not for me.
Screenshot 2021-11-01 180358

Well slap me silly……

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It appears you have it set for your diode laser and not a DSP. I might be wrong, but for DSP you can send to controller.

You have variety of lasers in your bio, which one are you using the project? It would appear to be the diode.

Never mind, you are using the diode (Ortur) you won’t get the “send file” on it.

When I was having the burn spots there were a few reasons for it, the path wasn’t clean there were nodes that it stopped on, also, the min and max were too close. Your file is clean but it appears the laser is pausing briefly. Are you sending this across the network? I think it streams the GCode so maybe there some kind of latency that’s causing this. Take it off the Pi and just run it with USB


Thanks everyone!

Sending the data over the network seemed to be the issue!

I won’t get a chance to shoot anything tomorrow but I’ll post a picture as soon as I shoot something respectable.

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This should be the solution. @LightBurn called it. I only realized after several cups of coffee and realizing you weren’t using a Ruida.

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Honorably called.

Solution tag has been switched.

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Could be water marks embedded in the picture
Zoom in very close and if you see grey squares thats a water mark. Turn down power

The cause was the wireless network.
We knew it wasn’t from the image early when it was showing up in images created entirely in lightburn.


The Send button isn’t on the interface for the GRBL lasers as it requires a controller with onboard memory and a keypad.

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