Burn Starts Great, Ends Bunched Up

I have an X-Carve with the JTech 2.8 Laser
It has been flawless in the past.
Now (burning at 0°) it starts out fine and then seems to bunch up on the left side
I burned at -90° and when asking for fill+Line it was way off when burning the line
I have double checked the X&Y calibrations for accuracy
I have checked the 9mm belts for wear
Everything appears to be fine
What am I missing?

How fast did you set the fill? XCarve is not a quick machine, and if your spindle is still mounted, they’re heavy. This looks like missed steps to me, or something sticky on your rails.

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Attached is the spd/pwr for the text

Looking at the image again, I notice what is likely supposed to be a circle above your cut, correct?

Given the shape of that, if it was supposed to be a circle, I’d say you have a loose belt or pinion, or something else causing slop in the motion system. The wobbles in the left side of that are pretty bad, and the shape looks like a slanted oval, not a circle. Give the machine a once over and make sure nothing is loose.

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