Burning 90 deg vs 0 deg Problem

So I am burning negative images on painted tiles with an Ortur Laser master 2 15w.
I created the images in Gimp and sized them exactly how I wanted them and then imported to light burn. Tried at both 300 dpi and 275 dpi.
My issue is this. If I burn at 90, my resolution is better due to the diode laser shape, however I am getting tons of awful looking vertical lines in the image.
If I burn at 0 degrees, I get no lines at all, but the image looks fuzzy because I am burning perpendicular to the shape of the diode laser.

Is this something no can fix on the laser or is this a software issue? Anyone have any suggestions?
Oh and before I forget. I exported the image at 100%. And made sure my burn dpi matched my image DPI

Although I have never done this myself, I’ve been watching tons of tutorials, and there are 2 things that come to mind:

Have you enabled “Passthrough”?
Because you have set up your image exactly how you want it, it should be enabled to prevent further image correction by Lightburn.

What speed/power settings are you using?
A couple of the videos I have seen suggest that your issue might be from running too slow, which seems counter intuitive to me, but it’s worth the experiment.

Have you done your “magic numbers” burns?

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Thanks for the input. Yes I have passthrough on. I was burning at 4000mm/min at 70%. I had worked up from 2000, but also saw what you saw regarding speed so I jumped to 4000.
I know the Kenny Hack channel burns at 6000+, but I think he has the 20w laser, so I think he can run faster with less power input.

I haven’t done any magic number burns on tile yet just wood, and the 2 are very different.
I am wondering if it is a dpi issue or mechanical issue with the x axis.

I will run a burn at 6000 and see what happens.

No difference at 6000. I did try to tighten the x axis belt, and it actually did help a bit, though not completely.

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