Burning a plaque in Landscape

Wodered if someone could advise me of how to burn a plaque {name} in Landscape, I have a igotec VG7L laser and obviously the x axis has a maximum of 190mm and the Y 330mm, I need to burn a name in landscape and not with the letters stacked but in Landscape. How do I do this with Lightburn?

I think I understand what you want, but let me paraphrase and see if this is right:
Your Laser bed is oriented so the long axis is along Y axis, not X axis.
The workpiece you want to use is long in one axis and shorter in another.
The artwork/text/plaque design is long in the X axis and short in the Y axis.
You want to reorient everything so all the long axis are aligned in the same direction.

If this is correct, and, unless you reprogram your laser to reorient its axis, you will need to place your workpiece on your laser bed rotated 90 degrees AND rotate your artwork the same 90 degrees.

Obviously placing the rotated workpiece in the laser is easy. Rotating your artwork is just as easy. Select all (Ctrl-A, or use the mouse to place a selection box around everything), and click on Arrange->Rotate Counter Clockwise (or Clockwise if this suits you better). Then, while still selected, move the whole set to align with the workpiece.
Now you can set your cut layers for all of the parts of the design and burn away!

Thank you Tom, I have just done as you suggested and bingo, how simple was that! Made me feel a bit silly for asking but has now made my simpler, much appreciated. It is all a big learning curve.

The only silly questions are the ones that aren’t pursued. By this I mean, learn to use the search tool, there has been a lot of solutions provided on the forum, best to find one there. If you don’t find one, then ask. You won’t learn otherwise…