Burning start, end and corners on cut mode

I have read many posts and it seems that others have the same problem, but after dozens of tests I have not found a solution.
Laser burn on start and end and change direction of cut line.

I’ve tried varying the “min speed” and “max speed” settings a lot, but they don’t seem to work in cut mode.
The burn is more visible with the lens out of focus

Some info:
Laser Gbos 1300x900 mm
Controller Ruida RDC6442s-b(ec)
Glass Tube 150W
Speed 100mm/s
MinPower 0%
MaxPower 1%
Cut through mode is diable.
Start speed value is 8 mm/s.
Parameters are reset to default.

I’m going crazy, but it seems the controller doesn’t handle the acceleration ramp in cut mode.


I did some tests in scan mode with an interval of 2 mm and the job is perfect:
the controller performs a power ramp to avoid the “points” of the start, edge and end of the line.

I have tried to change the parameters of the machine but have not had results yet

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