Burning Stops Random times

I am need to light burn. I’ve been using it to etch with my jtech laser on the shapeoko cnc.

It’s been easy to use and got done about 20 etches on cutting boards. However on the 21st the burning randomly stopped. The laser beam stopped but appeared to still be on with the fan still running. I decided to plane the board down and restart. Again it stopped. I shut everything down including light burn and try a third time. It finished this time. So I loaded up another board and the laser stopped again. It appeared to stop at a different point than the first time.

Any idea what this could be? I’m afraid to put in other pieces that I can’t plane down if it stops again. Not sure if this is a laser issue or issue with the software.

It’s unlikely to be software.

Sounds like a flaky connection to the laser from the controller.

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