Burning through too many items, please help

Hi there, LightBurn people,

First, thank you. Love your software, it’s been great for me and my small business engraving tumblers. But I’m burning though too many expensive items as I THINK I’m not understanding the settings properly. TO the point where I’m afraid to put the tumbler on the roller.

My roller settings are on point, for various radius’. I can get end-to-end engravings where the seam is, well, seamless. I have tested various tumblers and have honed the engraving on each diameter. I have different speed and power setting for each finish as they all have different pigments in them and burn best at their own temperatures (https://printonthis.com)

What I’m unsure about, and I thought I had it figured out, is the starting point of a burn. I’ll give you a scenario:

Say I have a new logo from a customer. I design/save the .svg via Illustrator. On LB, I have my origin set to user origin/center. I set a burner tumbler to test. It burns fine so I stop the job, mid-burn, various times, so that I can load the actual tumbler to burn and fulfill the order. The head ends up, wherever I stopped the print. I put the new tumbler, move the printhead to the center of my print (fire to check), then clear the origin, set the origin as the current position of the head, and go to print.

It has been inconsistent. I’m not sure if I’m doing it properly. I’m trying to tell LB that the current position of the head, is your origin, it’s your center. vertically and horizontally. But sometimes, the head seems to start at some random origin and ruin the tumbler. I have cases of burned-through YETIs, they’re $25 each, so after a while it gets frustrating.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong, I’m just looking for consistency of settings.

Thank you in advance…

I do them this way… I have a co2 with a Ruida controller.

With the artwork ready, I set

Screenshot from 2022-06-30 14-19-22

The reason for job origin, is that most of my mugs have a manufacturers logo on them that is in the center bottom of the mug.

That allows me to line it up based on the mugs logo…

On my machine when I frame it, it goes back to the user origin.

Pretty simple but works on my application.

Good luck


Yes, that makes perfect sense, start the job at mid-left, so that it never burns over the logo. I do the same thing, except, I start at center/center. It should have the same results depending on how you set your item.

The issue I’m having is the inconsistency of having cleared the origin, then setting the origin (left or center), and expecting the head to move/burn as expected.

But thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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