Burning white space

Hey guys we beginners to this world and would love some help. We have been running LightBurn for the last 6 months for our project it’s been working great until a week ago.

the console doesn’t seem to indicate a $32 and $30, it is also burning the white space based on this. Y is this? Please help

Well, again a request with very few informations.
I guess its a GRBL Board, which version (type of board and GRBL version)? What are the setting when you enter $$ in the console window?
Can you post them?
Did you enable the laser mode?

When your board connects, what output do you see in the console? If you don’t have GRBL 1.1f or higher you will need to use the GRBL-M3 device in LightBurn.

Since you say “it’s been working great until a week ago” does that mean that it’s only just started to burn the travel lines? Did something change in that time with your configuration or the firmware?

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