Burns cutting/etching out of order from layers

Hello, New here.

I just got my C02 laser with a Ruida DSP controller. I’m having an issue where my layers are cutting/etching out of sequence. Example, I have a Fill layer at the top and a cut/line layer under it. Which would mean it should fill first then cut/line. However it keeps cutting/line first then filling. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve used Lightburn for a while now with my diode laser. Never seen something like this. Any help is appreciated.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 182513

This shows both as line or vectors, not using a fill?

Check the optimization setting on both the layer and in the laser window.


Sorry yeah it does it both ways. I don’t want to cut out then either line or fill on the cut out loose piece. See what I’m saying? WIth my diode laser it will burn according to whichever layer is first. Then go down. I’m not sure what changed other than I’m using a DSP controller now instead grbl

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