Bus card job grid array off

I am trying to do an acrylic business card grid array on my Omtech 80w blue and grey machine.

I have 5 rows across and 6 rows down.

I noticed that after 2 rows down that the “L” at the top of the card is to the right on each row now…which puts the “LLC” off as well.

I stopped the job after it did one engraving on the bottom row…as i saw it was partly cut off.

I haven’t cut them out because as i stated…they arent in a grid formation any more…they are close…but still off.

I spend about 2 hours for these to engrave…and will probably have to cut them with scissors to try and save what i have.

Any ideas on what happened??

Only thing that was different for me was I HAD to send the job to the machine. I usually just hit start in LB and it does the job. This job was roo large i guess and I had ro send it to the Omtech and hit start on the omtech control panel.

Would that be causing this issue?? Is LB and the rudia controller not synced properly or something ?

Thanks in advance.


From what I’ve read around here, Ruida controllers have difficulty when their flash memory fills up with files: either too many or occupying too much space, with neither term having a solid definition. Normally that happens when you send many named files to the controller, which is not what you describe, but it’s entirely possible you’ve inadvertently accumulated a bunch of them, so it’s worthwhile to remove them.

On my Ruida controller: File → Memory oper → del all mem file

Then lay out some cardboard and see if the situation improves.

If not, then there are some mechanical checks in order, but let’s not borrow trouble … :grin:

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I DO NOT know why its doing this in the vertical orientation. Everything is tight…so no belt slippage.
Its not letting me upload a pic

What it should look like…this was done in horizontal position. Just trying to use every bit of material…I rotated the file -90 degrees to do it vertically…but got the above error…so i stopped the file.

Could you take a screenshot of your Preview window for me (Alt + P) of the full arrayed job in LightBurn?

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I was just trying to utilize every inch of material, so I rotated the grouped file -90 degrees to engrave it vertically. And that happened with the zip zag…

This was just a single file…not any array.

I am just hitting START in LB…and Not sending it to Omtech controller…i think thats were i got the previous error.

I’m just trying to figure out why my machine ( omtech 80w) or LB is doing the zig zag stuff on a business card thats engraving vertically.

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